Product Description
Product Name: TAKDIR MASA
Category: Art & Entertainment - Drama & Movie
Brief Description:

English Synopsis

At her death Amira’s mother MakSom in her last will instructed that Amira should be married to her cousin Helmi. Amira is disturbed by this for she does not love Helmi but rather a young man, Hisham, who lives in the same village.

However, it is apparent that Helmi is in love with another girl, Zalia who lives next door to him. As time goes on, both Helmi and Amira must come face to face with each other and be honest with their true feelings about the whole affair. In the end, both decided they will marry the partners of their own choosing.

Detail Description:

Malay Synopsis

Amira yang kematian ibunya iaitu Mak Som menghadapi dilemma kerana terpaksa berkahwin dengan sepupunya iaitu Helmi kerana menurut wasiat arwah ibunya. Amira tidak menyintai Helmi tetapi sebaliknya menyintai pemuda yang tinggal sekampong dengannya iaitu Hisham.

Rupanya Helmi juga mempunyai kekasih hatinya sendiri iaitu Zalia yang tinggal berjiran dengannya. Setelah menahan kesabaran akhirnya Amira dan Helmi terpaksa berterus terang tentang kekasih hati masing-masing. Akhirnya kedua-dua mereka dapat juga berkahwin dengan pasangan masing-masing.

Product Dimension: (W) 0cm (L) 0cm

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